This Bible College is divided into three consecutive topics:

Foundation, Consecration, and Revelation.

-Foundation covers a basis revelation and understanding of Scripture.

-Consecration is a complete resolution and decision of commitment.

-Revelation is exact knowledge seen and heard in your spirit man through the eyes and ears of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible declares we are the temple of the Living God. Temples must have a firm foundation on which to stand. Foundation, Consecration, and Revelation actually form a cycle of learning through which the serious Bible student builds their foundation. This is how the cycle works. Once a revelation is understood, and complete consecration is made to it, then that revelation becomes a “foundation” of stone on which a person can build.

This is a never-ending cycle.

OTTBC Guide Lines

Curriculum Guidelines

The online curriculum has been adapted to

"pay as you go" terms. In other words, each subject of the college (Foundation, Consecration, and Revelation) can be payed for separately. This is designed to help students move forward at their own pace.

Pricing For Enrollment (Not including required books)

The total cost per student for the full course is $714.99 and can be paid in three installments of $238.33 for each subject.

There is also a discount for

A legally married couple [Man (Male) and Woman (Female)].

Married Couple Discount For Full Course:

One student is full price ($714.99) and the second is $357.49 for a total of $1,072.48 for the full course or three total installments of $357.49 for the married couple.

Each spouse must keep their own notebook and is responsible for all reading assignments, and reports. If one spouse withdraws, drops out, or is removed from the OTTBC Course, the remaining spouse may continue the curriculum at the full price.

🇺🇸 Also ask about our veterans discount!

All fee’s are non refundable.

Listed below are the guidelines for students and policies for the school:


People desiring to develop their skills in the Word of God are eligible to attend. Age of students is 18 and up.

Students should prepare themselves fifteen minutes before starting class. We recommend that students use this time for prayer in the Spirit and quiet mediation of The Word.


Students are required to have the following:

-Authorized King James Version of the Bible.

-James Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (KJV)

-Notebook and a pen. (Or take notes on a computer)

Once a student purchases a semester, they will be sent links via e-mail to specific video series as well as their assignments and materials required in conjunction with that semesters subject.

The Video series are:

-"Foundation" Video Series

-"Consecration" Video Series

-"Revelation" Video Series

- “Online Teaching Revival with Apostle Robin D. Bullock” (Available on the Official Robin D. Bullock Youtube Channel)

The Following books are required:

-"God Is Absolutely Good" by Robin D. Bullock (Available on robindbullock.com)

-"John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith" by John G. Lake, Kenneth Copeland, and Kenneth Copeland Ministries

-"Pioneers of the Faith" by Lester Sumrall

-"The Life Story of Lester Sumrall: The Man - The Ministry - The Vision" by Lester Sumrall and Tim Dudley

(Note: It is up the student where they buy their books)

We suggest that the required books be read in each topic, as follows:

1. Foundation - "God Is Absolutely Good" and "John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith"

2. Consecration - "Pioneers of Faith"

3. Revelation - "The Life Story of Lester Sumrall: The Man - The Ministry - The Vision"


A diploma is sent to a student upon their successful completion of the full OTTBC course. Information about class rings will be sent to students. Should there be a formal cap and gown graduation ceremony, students will be informed and a graduation fee may be required; this will include your cap and gown.


The Bible College is based on the "study-note method."

-For the Subject Videos, (Foundation, Consecration, and Revelation) The student is required to watch the videos and write verbatim (without adding to) what the instructor on the videos tell them to write. Notebook content is then retyped by the students and turned in monthly for grading.

-For the “Online Teaching Revival with Apostle Robin D. Bullock” videos, the student is required to watch each video and turn in a one page typed summery per video about what the student has learned.

-For the required books, a one-page typed book report is due at the end of each topic. Your report is a synopsis of what you learned from the teaching in the book.

All required notebooks and reports must be completed before any student is allowed to graduate.


All students are expected to behave in a mature, reasonable, and respectful manner to the instructor and in all of their written assignments. This means foul language and unbecoming statements or phrases is not allowed. Behaving in a proper manner shows the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Enforcement of Conduct guidelines are at the sole discretion of the OTTBC school administration. Violation of any of these principles of conduct may result in the removal of the student from the course.

Please Note: Reproduction of any property of The Over The Top Bible College (Video or books) without written permission is prohibited.


Personal student information will not be distributed or made available to any solicitation groups.

All video recordings; and all written materials are copyrighted and belong exclusively to OTTBC. Any authorized duplication and distribution is prohibited. Over The Top Bible College (OTTBC) is a division of Youth Force® Ministries Church International, Inc. (YFMCI)